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Nearly any Poligags shirt design can become a button - just ask! We can also turn your design, company logo or just about any graphic into a full-color wearable ornament.
Condom Novelties
Condom and candy brands may vary from those pictured, depending on availability.

After Dinner Condomints                            

Holey Condumb                                          



These products are intended for entertainment purposes only. While we purchase fine latex condoms from pharmaceutical suppliers, we have no idea what happens to these novelties between the time they leave our hands and find their way to yours. This is also true of any candy products. Exercise common sense and good judgment.

The Holey Condumb offers no protection against anything what-so-ever, and no: you can't fix a hole that size with the Rubberbandaids. We skewer those things with a rusty scissors, after all. Literally.

Nice as she may be, we do not want to hear from your mom. So you should probably be 18 or older to buy Poligags' condom novelties.

Political Joke Cards 

Send us semi-worthless money & we'll send you completely worthless plastic!

If you pay taxes, you've been pre-approved!
Actual material and size ~ 3 3/8" x 2 1/8". Feels real!

Hasta la Vista NOT available in California.
Dear MasterCard, VISA and American Express: all joke cards are (c) 1987 and we heard from each of you in 1988. 

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