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Original Political T-shirt Designs

Poligags loves Union Thugs! This popular image lists most of the rights we all take for granted, but which unions fought to achieve for working people.

Poligags' Labor Series is produced on 100% cotton t-shirts that are union-made and union-printed.

Don't see your trade represented here? Send us an email with your idea for celebrating Labor at!

The Construction Trades celebrates those who build! The image features an iron worker symbolically connecting the country, reaching toward two iconic structures on either coast.

When did teachers get to be "the enemy"? An educated population benefits everyone! Celebrate the Teaching Profession by wearing this shirt.

Save the Monarchs...not Monsanto
features a milkweed-filled field populated with beautiful Monarch butterflies. Each has festively donned a gas mask.

Two billionaires own everything from pipelines to paper products - and use their wealth to buy the political process. Don't give them that power, Boycott Koch Bros Products!
An oldie-but-a-goodie, Brain on Pot spoofs the 1980s "This is your brain on drugs" PSA.
Any questions?
Who doesn't like peace? Especially in '60s psychedelic colors. Peace is the Answer.

If you Tax the Words "socialist," "job creators" and "entitlements," the US will be in the black!
Come to the Aid of your country...not your party!
It's toxic, corrosive and explosive. Let everyone know how you feel about Fracking.

Taxing Greed is an image with a black background printed on a white t-shirt.
Sea levels have risen, contaminating fresh aquifers six miles inland in Florida. But no Fossil Fool will let you say "climate change".

Capitalism - Socialism: when you get into trouble, who are you going to call?

Congress Happens - fortunately, they only work one-third of the year.
Read this one carefully: it's Gay the Pray Away, not the other way around!
Creation - Evolution: it's an age-old question. Which came first?

An ice-breaker for conservative events you may attend: Re-elect Obama 1

Rushmore proposes a new face on a national monument.

Another conversation-starter for conservative events you may attend: Re-elect Obama 2

Oh, yes, they are! Home - Congress

New on the Periodic Table: Element Mj

We need more Peace in the World.

Justice? It's for Just Us!

Beyond all recognition! Stretched Truth

Affluenza is Justice for the Rich!

They keep promising, but they never Secede.

The Hope and Change shirt for those who just aren't impressed.

Greed - Gullibility. They go together!

No one ever found those pesky WMDs, but we did find Weapons of Mass Obstruction!

Slavery - Voting: one was an "entitlement"; the other's a constitutional right!

Please Don't Feed the Republicans! Please!

Karma for President!

STFU Talk Radio

Don't Feed the Dems, either!

Stock up now - you'll certainly need Home - White House after some election or another!